Easiest Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe (2024)



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Really look forward to trying this recipe! Just one note: I always leave the noodles on the side and plop them in bowl first and pour soup over. I love leftovers and typically enjoy soup the next day but i hate when the noodles are left in there and breakdown. This method keeps it all still kinda 'fresh'.


Adding thighs and legs on the bone, sautéing them first, will add much more depth to the broth. Just take out the chicken after its cooked for 1/2 hour, pull off the meat and add it back in to finish the soup.


Our family loved this. We couldn't find cavatelli so used orchiette instead. Sauteeing the chicken added a really good depth of flavor, as did the coriander and celery seed. We added dill and lemon zest--just the right amount of savory lip-smacking goodness.


For even more intense flavor, try poaching boneless chicken breasts in white wine & herbs, and then pull them apart and add chunky shreds to the sautéed veggies & broth. Noticeably richer in both flavor & texture!


We love turning the ground chicken into small meatballs. Just season as you like and use wet hands to shape, drop in the pot with the heated olive oil for few minutes, the remove and add at the end to heat through in the soup. A typical Dutch recipe and yummy.


I liked this a lot and even preferred the ground chicken texture. Next time though, I would use at least twice the amount of veggies and half the noodles


Anyone else just keep the chicken in while cooking the noodles?


Poultry section at the market. There are two styles: one has a higher fat content (85% lean) the other lower (93% lean). I think the higher fat has better flavor. If you use the 85% lean, cut back on the amount of olive oil in the recipe by 1T.


I made this for work day lunches to freeze. I usually buy a whole chicken and make everything from scratch but was short on time. LOVED IT. Full of flavour. I used a fennel bulb and fennel seeds instead of celery just a personal preference. I also always add my parmigiano-reggiano rinds (I keep a bag in the freezer) when making any soup for that extra umami flavour.

Dee Dee

This was unbelievably good. Even my picky teenagers loved it. Don’t skip the lemon juice and dill at the end.


Absolutely delicious. Lemon zest a nice touch. I would go a little less on the olive oil though. 4 tablespoons rather than 5 would be fine.


Used chicken sausage and spicy Italian pork sausage instead of chicken and the soup was delicious. Home made broth makes a difference.


I’ve made this soup many times and we always devour it. Grind your own chicken = pack of boneless skinless thighs in the food processor. So delicious. But not loving the texture of ground chicken, Just diced it into small pieces. Much better. A dollop of sour cream, squeeze of lemon lemon zest, bunch of herbs. It’s to die for. Last time added udon noodles. OMG.


Made this per recipe sans the crème fraîche thinking I’d save a few calories (he says on January 3rd). The extra texture and creaminess would have been a nice add, but this was great. It also is a perfect canvas for additions and experimentation. Perhaps some thinly sliced jalapeño rounds added back with the meat if you’re looking for heat.


Great recipe. I wanted to whip up something relatively quick and easy for the ailing hubby, so this was just the thing. To my annoyance, the store was only selling big bags of celery and I knew I wouldn’t use the rest of it, so I ended up subbing in leeks and it worked quite well, even on the canvas of chicken stock from the carton.


I had to use ground turkey as the store didn't have any ground chicken. Still came out great!


3/23/24 this was delicious. Used about 1/2 cup rice. Added ginger, but should have grated it. Used fennel seeds as we didn’t have celery. Will definitely make again. The lemon juice was clutch.

Mike M (me)

Did this with bone-in chicken thighs, 15 minutes sautéed on different sides, then pulled apart and cooked for another 5. Probably overcooked, could have pulled it apart earlier and cooked for less than 15 mins.

Roo Baby

This is fantastic! My family loves it. My husband is pescatarian so I make it with cod. I follow the recipe adding the spices to the veggies and then drop cubed cod in as the broth and pasta finish up at the end. Cooks in just a few minutes. The dill is a remarkable herby finish!


Tried this soup today. Subbed in leftover rice for the pasta. Will make again!


What an easy, lovely soup for a quiet Sunday afternoon. I simmered it longer because I was not in a rush, added a sprig of rosemary, and floated plain dumplings with parsley to cook on top instead of noodles. No cream just because I didn’t have it. Very nice.

Y in Colorado

Substituted Barley for pasta.

Kathy in Tucson

On day 5 of a cold and still craving chicken soup, so I decided to try this since I had all the ingredients. Left the noodles in a little too long and they soaked up most of the broth which made it more like a “stoup” which was fine by me! Served over leftover mashed potatoes for a variation on the midwestern favorite “mashed potatoes with noodles.” Will definitely make again since I often have ground chicken in the freezer.


Has a great flavor and easy, using the ground chicken works really well. Could use more veggies for amount of broth and noodles, at least another carrot and celery stalk. Like all soups cooked with pasta, the pasta will continue absorbing the liquid after cooking. I would suggest keeping the pasta or noodles quite al dente for the first cooking or eat it all at once since inevitably you will need to continue adding broth or water when reheating.


I love this recipe! I don’t love celery so I sub leeks (1 large or 2 small) and omit the celery seeds. I also use 3-5 carrots and keep the thyme on the spring and fish out the stems. I use orzo for the pasta which holds up well for leftovers! It does take me a bit longer than 30 minutes, closer to 45-60, from start to finish. Enjoy!


Made with skinless chicken thighs, browned in pan first, removed to cook the veg, and added back in with the liquid. Great flavour! Will return to this recipe again, for sure.

Bonus notes

Chose my adventure from other comments: I used anellini o’s for noodles and cooked separate. I pulsed 1.5 lbs chicken thighs instead of pre-ground. Added fennel bulb chopped, 1/2 tsp turmeric, and a pinch of cinnamon. Don’t skip the magic garnish: sour cream, dill, parsley, and lemon zest juice. Thank you!

Heather DiBlasi

Worst soup recipe ever, should boil a chicken no ground chicken

Kathy T

This is really good comfort food - and tastier than most chicken noodle soup recipes. I reduced the chicken, noodles and stock by half but upped the spices, garlic and shallot. Used fennel seeds instead of celery. Added broccoli halfway through the pasta cooking stage. Yum.


Using ground chicken is a genius idea. If you want to stretch the recipe, a can of rinsed cannellini beans does the trick!

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Easiest Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe (2024)
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